All about our first week!


Wow! What a busy first week we have had in the newly-named Cherry Tree Class!

We have spent time thinking about our class code of conduct and linked it with Class Dojo which Mrs Darling has used to give us points which have been added to our school team points!

We have discussed what makes a good talk partner creating a success criteria to help us out and we worked together to make ‘Our first talk partner venn people!’

We have thought about what blogging means by working on our own paper blog! First we wrote a post – it was all about our best memory from the summer holidays. We made sure it was a quality post by editing and writing it up neatly. After writing our post, we gave our paper blog a name. Then we looked at widgets that we could add in the side bar. We all loved the idea of a blog pet and Mrs Darling is going to let us vote on one for our own blog!

Finally we looked at each other’s posts and (using the advice from Mrs Yollis’ Class) wrote some quality comments for each other! Now we are ready to write a class post with Mrs Darling!

We have discussed what we need to do to produce quality handwriting, begun to show our skills at Maths and even managed a little PE time!

Phew what a busy week we have had!

What about you?

Mrs Darling and Cherry Tree Class :-)

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  1. miat says:

    I loved your dwaring speshiy your people keep it up

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